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Have you just bought a property that you are going to fix up? Not sure how to protect your work, your tools, and your materials for your rehab. There have been a rash of burglaries in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho of vacant properties and it is always best to know ways of protecting your investment.



Here are some simple tips to make the property less of a target:

  • Get all broken windows and doors fixed. This makes it a bit harder for someone to break in and makes the place look cared for.
  • Put up blinds or curtains on all windows. This makes it harder for someone to look in and see that there is stuff to steal. Also it make it look occupied, no window coverings is a big red flag that a place is vacant.
  • Have timers on some lights inside the property to make it seem occupied.
  • If you have a lockbox for contractors put it in the back of the property. This way it is not readily visible to thieves and less likely to be broken into to get a key. Also if the box is in front, it signals that a person isn’t home all the time and is leaving a way for others to get in.
  • Have a neighbor or someone else look out for flyers and things someone might place on the door or driveway and have them picked up so it is not an indicator to thieves to hit this property.
  • Have a portable security system with door and motion sensors. This will report when someone has broken in and could save you from a lot of damage or theft since they would have a limited period of time to grab stuff.
  • Don’t have all your materials and tools on-site. Bring what you need when you need it. This way there is less to steal. An alternative if you need everything on site is a storage container with a lock that is hard to break.

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