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Sergio Castillo

Hello, my name is Sergio Castillo. I am 25 years old. My day job is at T-Mobile as a Mobile Expert in Santa Fe.
I am educated and love to read. I am also an active boxer at Holmes Boxing Gym. Five years ago, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and I had an epiphany. I realized from day to night exactly what I wanted to be is a boxer and learn how become a successful Real Estate Investor. That was a weekend and on that exact Monday I walked into my first boxing gym and began investing in educating myself in the industry. I became very passionate and disciplined. I told myself I would work on three things; Credit, Saving, and most importantly my knowledge. For five years I have only paid off all my debt and not once have I made un-strategic moves with my credit. I basically injected myself in the industry by attending as Meetups, listening to podcasts, reading books, and paying for a couple courses as much as possible. I also took the courses to become licensed as an associate broker and should be taking my exam the beginning of February 2019.
In 2018, I create my company Millennial Brothers Investments LLC and I bought my first investment property that I was primarily planning on fixing and flipping and I learned a very important lesson: How to effectively do my due diligence on a property. I learned so much through the experience and have definitely learned to adapt and keep moving forward. I have a saying that my business should be like crafting and molding art; I write down everything about my business and update as I go to make sure that I never make the same mistake twice. I overcame boundaries and have turned the first project into a profitable one. 2019 I jumped into the industry and experienced. 2019, I am ready to take over as I am confident in the knowledge I have invested. I have the same kind of passion in real estate as I have with Boxing. They are very relatable. To get into the ring with someone that is trained to knock me out takes discipline, patience, mental preparation, consistent habits, and heart for what I do.
Shoot me an email if you are planning on making noise in this Industry.
Let’s Network.
Let’s make big things happen.

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