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Nancy R Bowers

Nancy Bowers, Board Vice-President

Nancy Bowers, Board Vice-President

Nancy R. Bowers is a Realtor/Investor who has served on the ACRE board since she first started investing back in 2011 and currently serves as President of the board. She has a wide variety of experience in real estate.  She has flipped houses, done redemption rights, lease options, real estate contracts, shorts sales and sold homes ranging from under $10,000 to close to $1,000,000.

Nancy is very active in her church, the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, and teaches A Course in Miracles on Tuesday nights. Her deep spiritual beliefs and passion for helping people colors everything she does.

Nancy Bowers became involved in real estate because she was upside-down on her mortgage and her husband desperately wanted to move into a house with a yard.  This began the search for a new home (which she located the next day: a FSBO located around the corner from her). Since she and her husband didn’t qualify for two mortgages, they came to learn about REC’s.  Two weeks after moving into their new place, a hard freeze happened and Nancy began learning about rehabbing.  All this education sparked her interest to learn more and she began her Rich Dad education.  Pretty soon, she was doing deals and started her own company, Howling Butterfly Realty Trust, LLC.

Besides being an investor, Nancy is an Associate Broker and Realtor at Roadrunner Realty & Investments, one of the most active “flipper” firms in town.

Prior to real estate investing, Nancy was an entrepreneur who, along with her husband, owned an  interlock business for eight years.  She loves real estate and is always happy to work with other investors, finding, running comps and submitting offers for them.   (“If your first offer doesn’t embarrass you, you offered too much!”).  She also loves teaching, so she is happy to share tips and techniques.  Feel free to call her if you have questions: 505-681-4744.

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