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Phillip DeBerardinis

Philip DeBerardinis is a general contractor and qualifying real estate broker in both New Mexico and Florida. He attended Cortland State University in upstate New York and then Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. After several years in south Florida, he became interested in real estate investment and flipped his first home performing the renovations himself. Since the mid 90’s, Phil has bought and sold hundreds of residential properties using various strategies and techniques learned from seminars, workshops and like-minded friends and mentors. In Florida he was co-founder and event host of the Palm Beach Real Estate Investors Association, owned several businesses including 1st American Mortgage, Real Estate Grand Central Brokerage, and HouseWorks Designs Contracting. In 2015, Phil and his wife Sandra moved to Albuquerque where he is an active real estate broker, investor and contractor.


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